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Sarah Hughes
19th January 2015
trees at hendwr Caravan Park

The planting of new trees is something that has always been important to us here at Hendwr. The tree lined drive which is a real feature on the park (perfect for dog walking and cycling up) was planted when the old Hendwr house was built.

Winter snowdrifts at hendwr caravan park, noerth wales

Over the years it has seen many sights: one of the worst winters in living memory was in 1947 when the snow and drifts were so bad and food was in such short supply that Cadwallader Hughes (John & Davids father) cut off branches to allow the trapped sheep to eat the bark. Even now if there is snow on the ground the sheep will eat low lying bark off trees in preference to hay!

In the early 1980’s Hendwr suffered like many places by being hit by Dutch Elm disease. All the dead trees were replaced with new species which is why there are some 20 – 30 year old trees on the drive.

We have a range of native and non-native species around the park. This year we planted four walnut trees – definitely one for the grandchildren. We once had a rippled sycamore which is highly valued for its internal patternation (which you don’t know until it is cut). It was sold to be used by furniture makers for wood veneers.

We also have some Scotts Pine along the drive and by the old house. It is known that Scotts pine was planted on drover routes to indicate places where they were welcome for a bed for the night. Cattle historically were ‘driven’ from Hendwr over the Wayfarers towards Glyn Ceriog and on into England to market.

Trees are a really important part of not just our landscape but also our history here at Hendwr and it is nice to think that these small saplings may one day tower above us and look down upon the generations to come.

The driveway at Hendwr caravan park, north wales
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