It’s the start of a new holiday season on the caravan park and also the start of the new farming season with lambing well under way at Hendwr.  We have had a lovely beginning to the farming year with mild weatherlambs hendwr (unlike the Easter in 2013 where we were under 2 ft of snow!) which means there are lots of happy, dry lambs skipping around the place.  A fascinating fact (maybe farming hearsay) is that when the weather is mild the sheep are in no hurry to lamb and often the last few drag on and on, whereas if you have a spell of harsher weather suddenly they all start lambing at once and it is over and done with – I’m sure there is some scientific reason behind this somewhere!

Please remember that ewes with lambs are understandably more protective than normal so if you are walking a dog, please keep it well under control – if a Ewe starts stamping its foot or pawing the ground at you, take the hint – they may be white and fluffy but you don’t want to be charged by one!